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Explore Japan even deeper

From anime to otaku culture, traditional tea ceremonies to calligraphy, Japanese culture is rich and interesting.

How about trying out our short term study abroad course?

  • We have 1 week, 2 week, and 3 week courses.
  • Students will come on a tourist visa
  • Available in both Tokyo and Osaka/Kyoto area.

Learning Japanese will allow you to explore Japan and understand the culture on an even deeper level, so we offer Japanese language courses in the mornings. We also have courses for complete beginners, so those with no Japanese experience can enjoy Japan for the first time.

In the afternoons and evenings, we offer tourist trips and cultural experiences with teachers and professionals in various fields. There are many one-day trips planned as well.

You will stay in the heart of Tokyo, at a hotel with easy access to anywhere in the city.

We are also working closely with our partner companies in Europe and are actively making new contacts around the world.

We welcome anyone that wants to enjoy and learn more Japanese and experience Japanese culture.

2022 Schedule (Tokyo)

  • 7 November (Mon) – 20 November (Sun)
  • 28 November (Mon) – 11 December (Sun)
  • Check-in will be the day before the start of the program, and check-out will be the day after
  • 12 students per program
  • The application deadline is 2 months prior to the start of the program.

Enjoy studying and learn practical Japanese.

We offer lessons with a focus on conversation using lots of role-play. Our goal is to have you learn useful Japanese and to be able to actually use it with Japanese people while in Japan.

Unlike other tourist trips, you will experience Japan as if you were living there, riding the train and visiting various exciting places.

Since you’re in Japan, it will be a great opportunity to use the Japanese that you have learned.


Wear kimono (and play koto)
Wear kimono (and play koto)
caption here
Sado (tea celemony)
caption here
Shodo (calligraphy)
caption here
Kado (flower arrangement)

Some other fun activities

Let’s try making Replica Foods (Ganso Shokuhin Sample-ya)

Food Sample
Spaghetti replica
Food Sample
Various replicas

Replica Foods are little inedible food samples in Japan that look very realistic. Would you like to try making these Replica Foods yourself? It’s a lot of fun!

Let’s try making Washi (Ozu Washi)

Tesuki Washi
Tesuki process
Tesuki Washi
Patterned Washi

Washi is a very durable and beautiful traditional-style Japanese paper. It has been around for over a thousand years. Would you like to try making Washi yourself? It’s very interesting!

Sightseeing / Field Study

Nezu museum
Nezu museum
Ukiyoe by Katsushika Hokusai Gaifu Kaisei
Ukiyoe by Hokusai

One day Trip


Mt. Fuji at Kawaguchiko
Best spot to see Mt. Fuji
Excursion ship
Excursion ship
Kawaguchiko autumn leaves
Autumn leaves
Houtou (traditional noodle)

Kawaguchi Lake is the best spot to see the beautiful Mt. Fuji. (2 hours from Tokyo by speed bus)
Mt. Fuji is beautiful in all four seasons. In the spring, it can be seen with the cherry blossoms, in the summer with the rich green leaves, in the fall with the autumn color leaves, and in the winter with the snow.
For lunch, we will try the regional cuisine called houtou, Japanese traditional noodle.

Kawagoe (Koedo)

Excursion ship
Little Edo town
Excursion ship
Windmills at Jinja
Cherry blossoms along the river
Cherry blossoms along the river
Kawaguchiko bus station
Unadon (eel with egg on rice)

Let’s go visit Little Edo in Kawagoe! (30 minutes from Tokyo by train) Koedo, literally “Little Edo”, is named so due to its many historic buildings from the Edo period. There are many sightseeing spots, nice restaurants, and shops.
For lunch, there are many options, such as an unagi (eel) meal or sweet potato based dishes. Let’s take a trip back in time and enjoy a bygone era of Japan!


Kamakura Daibutsu
Photo by Adolfo Farsari, 1880s
Kamakura Temple
Kamakura Temple
Ocean and Beach
Ocean and Beach
Kaiseki Lunch

There are many famous temples, shrines, monuments, and the great Buddha bronze statue. Kamakura is a very popular location as it has both traditional Japanese elements and modern attractions like shopping. It is known as the ‘eastern Kyoto’. The ocean is also very beautiful. For lunch, we plan on going to a famous soba kaiseki restaurant, which is in a traditional and gorgeous Japanese-style building.

Dinner (Yakatabune HARUMIYA)

Dinner on Yakatabune
Ride on Yakatabune
Dinner on Yakatabune
Luxurious Kaiseki
Dinner on Yakatabune
Yakatabune from riverside
Dinner on Yakatabune
Rainbow bridge
Enjoy a special dinner on a Yakatabune! It is a traditional Japanese boat equipped with a variety of facilities, allowing you to enjoy a banquet or dinner on the boat.

Enjoying Sento (Hot Springs)

Hot spring - Saya no Yudokoro
Popular spa “Saya-No-Yudokoro”
Hot spring - Saya no Yudokoro
Japanese garden
Hot spring - Saya no Yudokoro
Take a bath & relax
Hot spring - Saya no Yudokoro
Tenpura Soba
Let’s enjoy a wonderful hot spring oasis in the middle of Tokyo! We can relax in the serene spa surrounded by a lot of green.

Hotel Asia Center of Japan

Asia Center Hotel
Asia Center Hotel
Guest room
Asia Center Hotel
Asia Center Hotel

The Hotel Asia Center of Japan is located in the heart of Tokyo. It is a very good home base to explore Tokyo. Areas such as Omotesando and Toyokawa Inari shrine are walking distance from the Hotel. You can feel the history and modernity of Japan. It is far from the bustle of the city, and it has a lot of green, making it a relaxing, quiet hotel. (Our Japanese classes will be held in the meeting rooms at the hotel.)

For any inquiries, please contact us.