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JLPT Preparation Course

We want you to understand the language as opposed to just memorizing answers so we have highly qualified and experienced instructors to help you do this. Only memorizing the questions and answers will not help you when you use Japanese in real life.

This is the basic six month course for the JLPT that takes place in July and December. Please see below for a small group sample lesson. It can be taken online or in person.

You can enroll in our six month course in January or June, or you can join mid-course depending on your Japanese level or time schedule.

The course can also be taken privately, in which case we will specially design the program to focus on and help strengthen your weaker areas efficiently, in a smaller number of lessons. We recommend the private course for those who are taking the advanced level tests, and those who are looking to take on the challenge a second time or more.

For those who know what specific subject they want to improve, we offer lessons that focus only on reading, grammar, or listening. If you want to focus only on past exams, you can join the last month of the course.

JLPT 日本語能力試験

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