ÇLearning Japanese
学ぶ Study in Japan

Have fun and learn Japanese. Upon request, we customize a Japanese language course based on your objectives, language level, interest, duration of stay, etc.

We provide the most qualified instructors with a wealth of experience who are familiar with the area of your interest.

Our teaching materials are not limited to standard textbooks: We offer a wide range of teaching materials that cover your diverse interest.


Monthly Detailed Reports

We provide you with personalized monthly reports that detail what was studied, your strengths and weaknesses, what to focus on going forward, along with teacher’s notes.

OPI Conversation Ability Review

In our business conversation program and everyday conversation program, we have ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) OPI (Oral Proficiency Interview) qualified teachers that can periodically review the progress of your conversation ability.

Flexible Make-up Lessons

We have a flexible system of make-up lessons so you don’t need to worry if you suddenly become very busy and aren’t able to regularly schedule your lessons.

Private and Small Classes Only

We provide only private and small classes to focus better on each individual student and tailor to their specific goals and needs.

Japanese Courses

Business Japanese Course

Designed for career-oriented foreign professionals in Japan, this course will improve your business communication skills and manners.
Ideal for job interviews, presentations and business meeting preparations.

Suitable for those

  • who wish to improve their business skills in Japanese
  • who wish to get a job in Japan

Everyday Japanese Course

This course is for those whose aim is to develop and improve their conversation skills in everyday situations. Conversation is practiced with various role playing situations in everyday life and discussing a variety of topics.

Suitable for those

  • who are living in Japan
  • who are raising children in Japan

JLPT Preparation Course

These courses are intended for foreigners residing in Japan.
Enrollment: January and June

One course: 48 lessons total / 2 lessons per week / 90 minute lessons
You can join mid-course depending on your Japanese level or time schedule.

Be confident on your next JLPT! We’ll help you achieve your goal. We have materials suitable for N1, N2, N3, and N4.

JLPT 日本語能力試験

Lesson Styles

Online Learning (Zoom Lesson)

Private, pair, and group Zoom lessons

We recommend online lessons for busy people and working students. With Online Learning, you don’t have to travel, you can do it anywhere as long as you have a smartphone or computer.

On a computer/phone screen, it is easier to see the teacher and the notes. You can choose a Japanese lesson course for your level and ultimate goal.

Out of Class Lessons

Private, pair, and group lessons

If you are unable to come to our school or if you would rather have your Japanese lessons at your office or someplace convenient, we can provide a teacher for you.

Let us customize a Japanese lesson program that aligns with your business and/or personal goals.

We can also work directly with your company in planning Japanese lessons.

In Class Lessons

Private, pair, and group lessons

If you prefer to take your Japanese lessons in our Tokyo-based classroom, we have an easily accessible school in a convenient location.

This is mainly for small classes with a low number of students. You can choose a Japanese lesson that matches your level and purpose.

Company Lessons

研修担当者様へ ─── 外国人スタッフの更なる日本語能力向上と、日本のビジネス習慣やマナーへの理解を深めるレッスンを!



Lesson Fees

For any inquiries, please contact us.