To everyone studying Japanese around the world,

Japanese is no more challenging than any other language. It is not an easy language, however. It is often said that Japanese sounds soft and pleasant, but that doesn’t mean that the pronunciation is easy.

I wanted to help everyone who is studying Japanese in his or her own country and decided to open up a small Japanese language school in Tokyo.

In order to make it easy for students to come and study, we offer courses that run as short as one week to as long as three months, so that anyone can come and study on a tourist visa.

We have qualified and experienced teachers in order to make the most of our students’ time, regardless of how long it may be.

In order to meet the demands of everyone, we have set a limit on the number of students for each lesson. We also plan a variety of activities to help students know more about Japan and experience the various aspects of Japanese culture while utilizing the language.

We hope that through our school everyone will enhance his or her love of Japan and the Japanese language.

We look forward to meeting you here in Tokyo!

Yuko Usui
Representative Director
Japanese language teacher