Have you seen Japanese sword fighting in a movie before? Taté is theatrical combat with sword fighting, and is a special technique learned by professionals in stage and film industries. It is also a part of traditional Japanese culture.

Would you like to become a samurai? You can experience Taté for your self with the Katanayaichi group.

The swords have been made to be completely safe, so that they can be used for the Taté performance.

You can have a lot of fun wearing a traditional samurai kimono and performing Taté, and if you are interested in Kendo, you will particularly have a good time experiencing Taté.

The beginning of Taté is from 1896 to the early 1920s. It came from Kabuki stage performances.

The Katanayaichi group does performances all over the world, and is involved in spreading the historical culture of Taté to fans everywhere.

The Katanaya-Ichi group has their studio in Tsukishima, and below is the link:

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