Today we had a whole day cultural experience.

The day was made up of tea ceremony, flower arrangement, Japanese calligraphy, and making ohagi.
First, we all participated in the flower arrangement activity. It was a little ahead of the season, but the plum flower branches were very beautiful. In traditional flower arrangement, usually flowers that are in season or a little ahead of the season are used.

Next, we participated in the tea ceremony in an actual, real, traditional tea room in a Japanese garden.

The participants had a great time making their own tea.

After that, everyone tried out traditional Japanese calligraphy. It was challenging but a very interesting experience for all that participated.

Finally, everyone made Ohagi, which is a traditional Japanese sweet that has been popular since the Edo period. The participants said they were delicious!

With the Japanese teachers, the participants used the Japanese they learned to buy lunch boxes at the department store in Futako-tamagawa. Everyone chose the lunch that thought looked the most delicious.


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