Today we went exploring around the Aoyama and Akasaka area with two Israeli women who came to Japan on a business trip. With the rich green of Togu Palace (Akasaka Palace) on the left, we headed for Toyokawa Inari Betsuin. They tried getting their paper fortunes, and one was daikichi (great luck) and the other was kichi (good luck). We’re glad they both got good fortunes.

After that, we had time to rest in Toraya, which is the most famous luxury Japanese sweets shop in Japan. Historically, emperors have always loved their sweets. You can watch the Japanese sweets artisan pâtissiers making the sweets.

After we enjoyed the delicious Japanese sweets and matcha green tea we headed for Japan Traditional Crafts Aoyama Square. There are many kinds of Japanese traditional crafts and you can also watch the artisan craftsmen making their crafts.