I went to Hakata, which is a vibrant and friendly city in Fukuoka prefecture in Kyushu. I was only able to stay one day and although I couldn’t see everything, I had a great time walking around at night.


It’s famous for its outdoor stalls (yatai) where you can eat many different kinds of food. When I went, there were many foreign travelers who were trying out the delicious food like grilled chicken skewers (yakitori), hot pot (oden) and most famously Hakata Ramen.


I had just eaten at a motsunabe (Japanese hotpot) specialty restaurant, so unfortunately I didn’t get to try the food at the outdoor stalls. The motsunabe was really tasty!


Walking around and exploring the city at night was really delightful. It is very safe and clean.


I had a great time and would love to visit Hakata again.