Today, I went to the Adachi Museum of Art in Shimane Prefecture. The Adachi Museum of Art is famous for having paintings by YOKOYAMA Taikan and of course it’s beautiful gardens. It has won the best Japanese garden in the American magazine “Journal of Japanese Gardening” for 20 years in a row, so I have wanted to see it for a while now.


When I went, the weather was not so good and there were no autumn leaves, but it was still beautiful even without them. Looking at the gardens from inside the museum is like looking at a wonderful painting. It’s a really calm and relaxing place.


I think it’s probably beautiful during every season in the year, but I want to go again when the autumn leaves are in full bloom.


When I went, there were big carp swimming around in the ponds.


It’s not the easiest place to get to, but I think it’s really worth checking out.


Tomorrow, I will go to Kurashiki, which is in Okayama Prefecture.