We would like to welcome a new student who is a painter, performer, and visual artist, who has come from Milan to take our intensive Japanese language program at the beginning of this month. She has specific goals so we put together a specially-designed course to fit her needs. While she is staying in Japan, she is taking our 40-hour beginner private lesson every morning for one month.

This time, three teachers are in charge of teaching her lessons because we want her to become used to different teachers’ Japanese. She is a beginner, so we started using the indirect method and plan to gradually move to the direct method of teaching since she has come all this way to study in Tokyo. The teachers are working in tandem to support her progress and adjust the course depending on the speed of her progress.

Even though she started with reading Hiragana, she is very smart, and has become able to have small talk and daily conversations in Japanese.

2 weeks have passed since she started the course, and she has shown great progress, much more so than was planned on the syllabus. From today she will move to the next level textbook. She also decided to add additional hours to her class, making her morning 2 hour lesson into 3 hours. The teachers schedule during the end of the year was a little difficult to arrange, but we are happy that she is eager to improve her Japanese from our lessons.

We believe that she will achieve the goals she wants and hope she continues to have an enjoyable time in Tokyo until the end of this month!